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In everything we do, Metropolis strives to support the passenger transportation needs of our customers to over 5,000 travel destinations across the globe. Our mission is to hire, and develop the best team of employees to support all of our customers needs. From our front line work staff that includes chauffeurs, shuttle drivers, and onsite greeters, to our back office support team which includes our dispatcher, customer service reps, fleet & maintenance staff, client account reps, and management…. All our staff are part of our success story. Metropolis strives to provide an atmosphere for growth that will benefit both you and the company. Our team members development and growth has been the result of superior business practices, hard work and all our staff taking pride in a job well done. The Metropolis family is committed to maintaining its leadership role in the passenger transportation industry and expanding its market share through industry leading business practices between all our team members and clients.

Information for Applicants

Metropolis Passenger Logistics is committed to employment programs of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and the principles of affirmative action. Are you interested in being part of the Metropolis and making a difference? Review our Employment Opportunities Q & A below to answer some questions you may have about open employment positions with our company.

Q & A

Q: How old do I have to be to work as a chauffeur or Shuttle Driver?

A: All front line staffers operating our fleet vehicles must be 25 years of age or older

Q: What kind of training do I have to have to work as a shuttle driver?

A: Any of our front line driver positions would require you to have specific DMV credentials depending on your state where you are licensed and what vehicle type you are operating.

Q: Am I working as a 1099 contractor or am I a W-2 employee of the company?

A: All of our driving staff are W-2 employees. We do however have an independent operator program for those that have vehicle types that would qualify to operate in our network as a contractor.

Q: Does your company offer flex shift positions where I can work different blocks of times per day.

A: Yes, all of our job openings allow to have flex shifts for employees as they become available.

Q: Does Metropolis offer worker benefits to employees?

A: Yes, we have several robust benefits packages all dependent of applicants intention to work full time work shift (40 hour per week or more).

Do you have any other questions that were not answered above? If so, please email us your questions directly here (Link to



Please note employment is contingent upon satisfactory criminal and other relevant background investigations. The determination of satisfactory is at the sole discretion of Metropolis Passenger Logistics. 

Career Opportunities 

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